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My research field is computer security, especially related to trusted computing and secure operating systems. Operating systems are the basic underlying software on a computer that provides services and manages the resources of the system for user applications. Commonly used operating systems on PCs have fundamental architectural security problems which results in a major problem for privacy and security of private, organizational or even governmental data.

However, research in secure operating systems exists for decades. But still, those principles are not transferred and integrated in standard operating systems for most devices, such as PCs or mobile phones. One reason for this lack of integration is because secure operating systems require a lot of work (strict design rules, formal specifications and proofs, etc.), which is very costly for standard systems. Hence, vendors do not want to have those costs and reject to incorporate well-known security concepts.

In one major line of work (during my PhD studies), I have analyzed how well-known security principles (such as the principle of a security kernel) can be integrated easily and efficiently (meaning with low cost) into operating systems for PCs and other main stream computing devices. Another line of my work was about exploring new technologies that can be integrated for further or new security functions. This last part is mostly related to trusted computing concepts, i.e., using a hardware security module for certain basic security functions to establish higher-order security properties. One example of such a module is the Trusted Platform Module (TPM).

Furthermore, I have been working on research and development projects related to smartphone security, smart meter security, and security and privacy in e-health systems.